Who Is Star Digital Marketer?

From Center Stage Rock Star To Star Digital Marketer

Tulsa Digital Marketing Agency

As a Tulsa Digital Marketing Agency, our heart and headquarters are in Tulsa but the world is our office. With “Stars” located in many different cities and places in the world. We have the talent and experience to make you a Digital Marketing Star!

Our Beginnings

Star Digital Marketer was formed after years of helping small businesses find success online. It is a passion for technology that has driven the founding of this Tulsa Digital Marketing Agency. Whether clients have needed a new website or have their current site updated with Search Engine Optimization. We have provided those services for fifteen plus years.

Though recently formed Star Digital Marketer has been providing these services since the 1990’s. It was the need for small businesses to commit to a complete online strategy including social media that prompted Star Digital Marketer to be created. Today digital marketing requires a full plan, a great website is no longer good enough. If you aren’t also on social media then you are not in “the conversation.”

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A Tulsa Digital Marketing Agency in a global market

We live in an amazing time in human history! We can know what is happening around the globe in a matter of minutes. This also means that life happens at an ever increasing speed. We are founded on technical expertise and bringing value to our clients that they could not find elsewhere. We hire digital marketing specialist from right here in Tulsa and as far away as India. Our passion is serving people and using technology to do it better!

Where We Got Our Name

Despite the appearance of being a narcissistic name, it is very much not. Our goal is to make our clients look like the star here! The slide show is actual photos of our founder Christian recording artist Jamey Tiffee performing. During those years of growing to the point shown in those pictures. There was a deep understanding formed that no matter how good you are at something. No matter how fabulous you or your product are, if no one knows about it growth will not occur in a significant way.

Marketing those bands via every media type from television and radio to internet and newspaper. The key to success as a musician was the same as a business. If you can get peoples attention, provide them a good time (present value if it is a product) and steward a relationship, everybody wins!

Thus we want to make you our client a “Star Digital Marketer”.