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We love to share secret marketing strategies like this one. The craziest part about this secret is that most people already know it. It maintains secret status because many agencies don’t want to “let the cat out of the bag”.  Business owners ignore the signs because they don’t know what to do about it. The secret? Hiring an agency to do your Social Media for you doesn’t yield great results. Don’t get me wrong it is better than what most businesses are doing without the qualified experience an agency brings. However, an agency alone will never have the impact of doing it correctly in-house. This is why businesses that can justify the expense of hiring a digital marketer as a full-time employee do. The drawback of this is that in-house digital marketers can never do everything that an agency can alone.

That’s Why We Believe Every Business Needs To Partner With An Agency!

People want to connect with your business or organization, to build a relationship, feel like they are dealing with real people they can relate to and that they are not just a number. They want to talk to the boss or connect with an actual employee. Think about this, you connect with a restaurant on Facebook. You go to that restaurant and the person that you connected with on Facebook greets you at the door. That is the kind of experience that people are looking for and we can help you provide that experience no matter your business type.

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Why Choose Star Digital Marketer?

Star Digital Marketer founder James Tiffee is a 30-year techie with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and several technical certifications. Over these 30 years, technologies have come and gone as well as “flavor-of-the-month” online strategies. Most of James’ clients from years past are still benefiting from the rock-solid strategies he used for them, even those that are not clients any longer and we love that.

We are creative people with a deep understanding of technology, where it is going and how to use it to grow a business. This is what Star Digital Marketer is all about!

How Star Digital Marketer Can Help You Grow

Star Digital Marketer Facebook Friends

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is the market targeting king in the digital marketing world. It gives you access to unprecedented targeted marketing opportunities. For small businesses targeting a specific market on a limited budget, Facebook is the best ROI on the planet right now!

Digital Marketer for social media

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing (SMM) isn’t just about newsfeeds it is about connecting with people. You need to have a complete strategy, a real plan. If you’re not marketing on social media you should be. If you are and it seems like a waste of time and money. You’re doing it wrong! Our training will change that and our strategies are measurable. Here is a good social media marketing strategies read to get you started.

Digital Marketer for website design

Website Hosting & Design

Your Website Design should not be a digital business card. Things have changed so much from those days. Your website should be a place for customer engagement converting traffic into customers. Website hosting is a critical part of the design that is most times overlooked but rest assured Google doesn’t overlook it. If your website isn’t bringing you business then contact us today!

Digital Marketer for SEO Services

SEO Services

If you think SEO is dead you would be very wrong. SEO Services are so effective huge companies spend billions on them every year. Organic SEO is still the king of long-term traffic with 80% of SERP traffic coming from organic results. There is still no better ROI than SEO Services.