Change Is Here And It’s Good

Is your site ready for Mobile First Indexing? If it is not then you will very soon feel the pain of this Google indexing update. I personally have always been someone that enjoys change. I can’t claim some accomplishment through it because it is just how I am “wired”. I also realize that change is very uncomfortable for many people.

Yes this change can have serious implications for anyone looking to website traffic for your business. This is a big deal and if you are just now finding out about it and seriously concerned then shame on you!


Google has been talking about this for a long time and if your internet traffic is that important to you. Then you need to find the nearest mirror and give the responsible party a good chastising.


Now that that is done you need to hire a digital marketing professional ASAP. If all you do is get entry level services or just follow a Twitter feed or Facebook Page. You will still at least find yourself in good company to be sure you are never caught off guard again.


Let’s Talk About What’s Changing

Data structure is a big deal and customer experience an even bigger deal. In the past what you said and how the information was presented was huge, now even more so. For instance you have probably wondered why so many digital marketing bloggers break up their posts so much. After all that is not even close to being grammatically correct.


It is easier to read on a mobile phone for one. Go ahead pay attention to the text on the sites you visit. You will see that text that just seems to be this never-ending deluge coming from the bottom of the screen becomes overwhelming and you leave the page. You may also notice articles that are just as lengthy but broken into “bite-size” pieces are easier to read.


The breaking up of articles is not a Google indexing factor. I was only giving you a look into how mobile phones are changing the way we surf. As a person that needs internet traffic to feed your business. You will have to start looking at your website differently. I suggest hiring professional to do these things of course, but not because I am that professional. Also because I have seen it make a huge difference for so many people and very few ever regret it.


The #1 thing that you need to know about this change is this. If your desktop website renders content that it does not on mobile phones, you have a serious problem. What I mean by different is not the layout, of course that is different just by size of screen alone that will happen. If your entire page shows on a mobile phone only smaller, you have a problem.


You need to look on your website for content that is on your desktop version, but is not on the mobile version. For instance links that are no longer links when rendered on a mobile phone. This can have a negative effect on your SERP results.


If your site loads slowly Google will give it a serious downgrade. This is because people with slower phones or crowded mobile circuits will not have a good experience. You want to fix this anyway, you are losing traffic that will not wait for the page to load.


You have to start thinking like a mobile user when developing a website. Did you know that for a couple of years now mobile users outnumber desktop users? If you just grabbed your phone and navigated to your website in a bit of a panic. Contact us right now, you need help and it is the best ROI that you can find!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this, your bottom line is already being affected by mobile first. Google is doing us all a favor by forcing this change upon us. People are already primarily mobile users, especially when surfing. Most desktop usage is work related and in that context, surfing is frowned upon.


Factor in that a lot of traffic is getting to websites via Facebook and WOW! That should hit you right between the eyes. If you aren’t marketing on Facebook you should. If you aren’t engaging an audience for your business on Facebook you should. Where are those people going to go to close the deal on these engaging moments if not your website? Do you and your loved ones use their phone for Facebook or Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and on and on.


Now do you see it? Why Google is doing this and why we as business owners must follow? Sorry for the 2×4 to the face but I needed to do that to help see it. Mobile already matters and big time.