Facebook Marketing is Changing

Growing Your Business on Facebook is about more than sharing posts!

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The Facebook Marketing Revolution is Now!

Facebook has 1.6 BILLION users and about 60% of them log in for 20 minutes every day. Facebook targeting is like nothing ever in the history of marketing. If you tried Facebook and it seemed like a waste of money and time, you are doing it wrong. Here is a game-changing Facebook Marketing tip. Spend just $100 a month on brand awareness and fan building.

Facebook Marketing Is The ROI King

Facebook Marketing requires a plan

Who you target on Facebook is huge, it is the difference between success and failure. When it comes to your marketing you must be effective or you could be wasting money. Do you have a plan for Facebook Marketing? If you are spending money marketing on Facebook you need to have a plan!

Did you know that you can target who sees your Facebook ads based on location, down to a one-mile radius? How about where someone works or hobbies? There are so many different ways to target who sees your Facebook ads it is staggering. Why does that matter so much? Let’s say you own a restaurant that specializes in Barbeque beef and want to increase your lunch crowd. You can create a Facebook ad that targets users within a 10-mile radius, are meat lovers and the ads only run from 10:00 am till noon in your time zone.

Amazing Content Drives Engagement!

The days of posting interesting content to your Facebook Business Page and getting big engagement numbers are OVER! Facebook Marketing can get your business noticed today but posting to your newsfeed alone will not do it. Your Facebook Business Page should accomplish four primary goals.

Generate LeadsBrand AwarenessCustomer ServiceDrive Traffic

Facebook Marketing let's you target

When To Hire A Professional

  • When you want an edge over your competition.

  • Do you want to target your customers?

  • Does your Marketing speak to your customers?

  • Do you know what your brand story is?

  • Do you know when to retarget traffic?

  • If you don’t have a marketing plan or strategy?