Digital marketing changes at an incredibly fast pace. However these ten Social media marketing mistakes are good solid basics. Bearing in mind that social media has completely changed the world of marketing and how businesses communicate with customers. There are great platforms for businesses to get in sync with the masses and with over 2 billion active social media users globally. Every business, whether big or small alike should want to get in the social media conversation.

Many businesses fail to grasp the social media marketing concept and make some or all of these mistakes. This list is comprised of what I believe are the ten most common social media marketing mistakes you should steer clear of.

Going in Blind

Most businesses go in blindly with no viable strategy whatsoever. An effective strategy is the best course of action if you want to build a killer social media presence. A strategic plan should include;

  • Business goals
  • Target audience
  • Marketing objectives and more.

Social media marketing goes beyond building and growing your brand awareness. It’s about building your audience and keeping them engaged. With this knowledge in mind, you can make informed decisions and successfully implement your strategies.   

Choosing the Wrong Platform

Here’s where most businesses (or marketers) go wrong. Yes, they have accounts on every social media platform, but they have no idea where their prospects or customers are. Before you decide to join the social network, research which social media platform your audiences spend most of their time.

For example, if your target audience spends most of their time on Facebook, why are you wasting your time focusing on other social media platforms? You should go where your customers are, period.


Creating Irrelevant Content

Quite a significant number of businesses are culprits of creating irrelevant, outdated and boring content. Have you ever wondered why your customers are not engaging with your social media posts? Probably because your posts are just plain boring and don’t add any value.

If you want to actively engage your customers, create interesting, valuable content. Craft an eye-catching, irresistible and powerful headline to grab your audience’s attention.

Further, people are drawn in by good graphics hence, create visually appealing content if you want to boost your social media presence.


Don’t even for a second think you will grow your company and its brand with 1 tweet or 1 Facebook post a month. This again doesn’t mean you should post tons of content every day unless you want to invite more unfollows and unlikes. Just be consistent. Schedule posts and figure out the best times to post on these social sites.

Find a specific hour when you not only get more traffic but also get more shares. Most people are active on social media in the morning, lunch time and dinner time. These are some of the best times to post.

Not Being Open-Minded

Most businesses are reluctant to hire top-notch SEO companies or search engine marketing firms. But rather spend tons of money on traditional methods of marketing like TV, radio, printing, billboards, etc. Business owners need to be open minded if they want to become a force of influence in the social network.

Be aware that you can’t use the same sales tactics on social media that you can use on other mediums, it just won’t work. In fact, it will probably do just the opposite and tank your brand.

Not Optimizing Content

Social media content not only creates brand awareness but also provides a great platform to drive relevant organic search traffic with long tail keywords. It really pays to fill out your profile. Be sure to list your phone number and address, and include your page title with specific keywords as well as optimizing your tweets and Facebook updates.

This is where I mention that you need at a bare minimum to consult with a digital marketing agency. They can help you get the social media marketing strategy documented.

Creating Fake Followers

Many people create fake followers for their posts and consider it as a good strategy for attracting more followers. But this is not even a close call, really, stop.

This unreal support always deteriorates your social existence. Creating a false reputation of the brand in the mind of the users won’t provide better business. The way you grow your network is via referrals. If you buy that first layer of followers. Just what kind of followers do you think you will attract? You need to get “second level” referrals to really grow that network, you know a friend of a friend.

You must circumvent fake followers and use organic methods to achieve real followers. If this is at all becoming overwhelming, contact an agency. They have many ways to get this done without bots. You need to watch any agency that you hire to be sure that they are not using bots. It’s easy to do, Google it.

No Target Audience

Sometimes, you don’t care about the target audience, NOT! That, of course, would be INSANE but hey we all have off days. If you don’t make a customer profile of the people who may be interested in your stuff or who may like your posts on social media. That’s truly a blunder of massive scale, Bad Wolf.

It is very important and I am suggesting possibly the biggest mistake of them all! You have to know your target audience if you really want good results. Not estimating the interest of your target audience is like aiming for your target in dark. You must know who you are conversing with to stand a chance of attracting them to engage in a meaningful way.

Using Automation Excessively

Automation is a good tool for scheduling your posts at the right time, but only to some extent. Remember! Automation prevents you from having engaging touch with your audience. To bind the audience to your brand, you need to read and respond to their comments.

Too much automation can harm your reputation, don’t make your communication with your audience robotic.

Knowing Your Competitors

You should always analyze your competitors in order to know them. “Know your enemy” Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Yes, this is a little over the top to quote Sun Tzu for this, but you need to be prepared if your competitors take a serious stance against you.

I am reminded of a story of my own father who was a business owner. When I was young I recall someone had opened a gas station convenience store in our little town that competed with my father’s.

They opened up right next to him and for a while consistently undercut him on gas pricing. So my father got together with the other gas stations that were in town, three I think. These business owners all had kept gas prices the same with each other for many years choosing to compete via customer service.

They all lowered gas prices to half of what the new guy posted. When the newbie finally realized they were going to run him out of business, he agreed to stop undercutting my father.

That person had a business plan that was built around a false idea. He thought all he needed to do to be successful was to undercut his competitors. I guess he thought they would just say; “aw shucks we lose” and close up shop. That store was out of business inside of five years. If you have no real social media marketing strategy you are operating like the newbie.


These Social media marketing mistakes are not that complicated to avoid. If you can avoid these ten missteps you will probably be doing better than your competition, good luck!