Website Design Matters

3.5 Billion Searchers Agree!


Your Website Design Is Critical

You’ve seen the ads saying, “build your own professional website“. These are website hosting companies trying to convince people that website design is easy. They are dead wrong, they couldn’t be more wrong. Your website is the most important piece of your digital marketing puzzle. Considering approximately 85% of people start looking for what they want on the internet. If they do not see you you do not exist.

Here is a simple experiment, let Google Analytics test your website and see if they don’t care who hosts your website! 

Website Design Is More Important Than Ever

Website Design by a profession

A good website design has some very critical attributes Great Content, Quality Graphics & an SEO Strategy. Within that great content, your website must have “Engagement Factors“. What is your website for if it is not bringing your business customers?

Over the years I have fixed some really bad websites. Never in 10 plus years have I heard someone say they regretted having their website updated by a pro. However, I have heard story after story of people who feel they wasted their money settling for a website design by an amateur . James Tiffee Founder of “StarDM”

Websites Need SEO

You need a Digital Marketing Strategy. If you get your website design right you will never regret it. Get this one thing wrong in today’s Digital World and it may cost you everything! Your website will represent you long before anyone will contact you. In fact, the very first thing your website design needs to include is SEO for your business name. You should be in the #1 spot when someone searches your business name!

Research we have done revealed that people will Google your business name before they will contact you. If they are not impressed, you lose their business.

Your Website Is Working All The Time!

Good Website Design works

When To Hire A Professional

  • When you want an edge over your competition.

  • Do you want to target your customers?

  • Does your Marketing speak to your customers?

  • Do you know what your brand story is?

  • Do you know when to retarget traffic?

  • If you don’t have a marketing plan or strategy?