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Grow your Brand Awareness each and every day! When you get a strategy in place, it can feed your Google ranking, drive traffic to your website and customers to your doorstep. You NEED to be on it every day, but without a strategy, it will be a waste of your time! Welcome to StarDM! We can make your social media marketing Bathrobe Easy .

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Social Media Marketing Secrets Of The Stars

“Top brands on Facebook post once per day.”
Tom Roy, CIO at MCN / IPG

“you should aim to post at least daily”
Social Media Week

“2 times per day, seven days a week”
Fast Company

“Good posting strategy is a key factor for every successful Facebook Page.”

“the ideal number is between 5 – 10 posts per week as a brand”
CEO of Socialbakers

Success Is In A Strategy

If the biggest brands in the world are spending billions every year on social media marketing. You have to know it is for a reason that affects their profits. Have you ever asked someone that you know is a top level sales person how they do it? Only to hear them say their secret is to never “sell” to people. Time and again I have asked this question and seen it in books that great sales people just talk to as many people as they can. Eventually, the conversation comes around to what they do. When it does, they talk about what they do with passion and knowledge. 

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Social Media Marketing Power

When To Hire A Professional

  • When you want an edge over your competition.

  • Do you want to target your customers?

  • Does your Marketing speak to your customers?

  • Do you know what your brand story is?

  • Do you know when to retarget traffic?

  • If you don’t have a marketing plan or strategy?

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