Email is mobile you need to know how to avoid the many digital marketing pitfalls. But no matter how hard it may be. It should be a part of every businesses marketing strategy. One thing is for sure if you are not making mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns. You are missing out, big time. Data shows that 55% of all emails opened in February 2016 were opened on a mobile device. 33% of them were opened on iPhone’s. Do you know if your emails are iPhone friendly? If you want to market to tech savvy individuals with cash to spend, then the answer is yes. A shocking 45% of emails opened in February 2016 were either on an iPhone or iPad. Apple opens represent 80% of all mobile email opens. WOW!

mobile-opens-chart1[1]Those numbers should be exciting! That is a big market of customers just waiting for your email marketing strategy. If it is not obvious yet, this all means that you need to be marketing to Apple buyers and testing your emails on Apple devices. If you are not convinced yet maybe this will do it. In February 2015 46% of all emails opened were opened on a mobile device. That means that in one year Apple email opens alone almost matched last years total number of mobile opens. Here is a take away for you: Apple users open their email.

Email marketing is very challenging but worth the investment. You have to know the technology that will deliver it and to what platforms. You have to know how to avoid the spam filters and the user filters. Then be quick to get the readers attention and keep it till you have delivered the value that you are presenting to the reader.



This data is derived from over 13 billion opens collected worldwide with Litmus Email Analytics between February 1, 2015 and February 28, 2016. It highlights worldwide trends across all industries and verticals. Some email clients may be over- or under-represented due to image blocking. Tracking trends over time is the best way to monitor open data for email!

What Does Effective Email Marketing Look Like In 2017?

People love to watch video so just like in social media channels video will reign. All of the technical issues that kept video from taking over on these platforms are slowly going away. In 2013 video in email was going to be a big deal. Unfortunately Apple dropped support for HTML5 video in an attempt to control the market with their own technology. So much for the facade of a hammer breaking the brainwashing “wizard” in their “1984” ad. Apple has actually put a huge road block up to stymie the growth of video in email. However they have made a shift with iOS 10 and video support for HTML5 is back!

If you have not used video for marketing yet 2017 is the year to start! I honestly cannot stress that enough. Ask yourself if you would rather read a 1000 word post or watch a 5 minute video that delivers the same content? That same motivation will drive the winners and losers in the future. Those that get good at delivering great content via video will win BIG in 2017 and beyond.

In the same way that YouTube changed the way millennials “watch TV”. The future people of the world will consume entertainment from these sort of mediums. The time to get a strategy has never been more crucial or perfect than now.