Why would anyone be buying Facebook fans? The answer is easy if you stop and consider the content within the context. Kim Kardashian is a master at what drives it and you need to be too. No Kim doesn’t buy Facebook fans, she doesn’t need too. She is so good at this that she gets other people to pay her to do it! Want to know what “it” is? We will get to that, but first I must continue emphasizing how many people are doing it.

I have talked to business owners about Facebook a lot, and each time I can tell the ones that don’t get it. They are the people who scoff at running ads to get page likes.

One of the biggest social media moguls on the planet Neil Patel is buying Facebook fans like crazy. He posted about how he was spending over $12k per day to grow his audience. This is a guy that knows social media better than most people on planet Earth. His reasoning is simple and I have been pushing clients to do this for some time, branding.

Brand Development, it is possible for you to build your brand in the age of social media sooo cheap. Have you seen what companies pay to have a super bowl ad? Why do they do that? Do you think that they can recoup that overall cost for a bump in sales?

Not a chance, but the long term benefit from brand awareness makes it all worth it. You could be doing the same thing for a fraction of what is paid for those Super Bowl ads. It will not have the impact the Super Bowl ads do but it is a start.

You need to budget for brand awareness via Facebook today! The cost and targeting make it laser focused and measurably effective, unlike Super Bowl ads. There is no reason not to do this; money is not one just do a $5 a day campaign. You will spend that going out to lunch!

If you want to spend $12k a day on a campaign, by all means, please CALL ME! =) Facebook Marketing is the best way to target on whom you spend that money on.

The “takeaway” from this looks like this. When you see a business spending large sums of money on something, it’s not because they are generous. It is because it makes them even more money than they are spending. It is true that they could not recoup that money, but when you see them doing it over and over again. Yeah, they are making money.