Social media staff is a thing

Not only is it a thing but it is a powerful thing. I have watched as the internet has go from logging on and hoping to hear the words; “You’ve got mail”.
To wondering if the email can all be read in a day. Now we have social media, which is a vital part of the marketing landscape. Companies employ entire departmental staff whose sole focus is to create content to engage their customers. So where does that leave the little guy who can’t budget employees this way? Facing an impossible expectation that’s where. 

I have always tried to bring value to the businesses I serve. To help them use technology in ways they may not be aware they can. I created a highly focused digital marketing plan that has just 3 things to focus on for success. If you focus too much on what you are not doing. You can miss the value of what you are doing.

#1 Hire someone skilled to post content every day

That was a real revelation huh. Not exactly a real discovery but you could be missing the value in this. It can seem like you are wasting money paying someone to do something that you are capable of doing. That may feel like the truth but it is not true at all. The reason you hire this done is time and focus. **News flash** Multitasking is terribly inefficient, you’re welcome. It has been proven time and again that posting content consistently is key. Since there are only so many hours in a day. You are setting an unachievable goal that is deceptively forgiving. When you can’t achieve this goal it seems just fine. Over time it is a slow death of your market influence. Influence that you may never get back. This is such a game changer ROI, that I predict many “Big Fish” will get on board.

#2 Engage your audience every day

Am I saying hire someone to do something that seems important, to free up time to chat on social media? Yes, yes I am. Here is why I break this down like this. No one knows and loves your business more than you, period. When people engage your business and they are talking to “The Big Cheese” they feel special and no one else can provide that. If you are you thinking you can hire someone to do that for you. Just stop, it will be a temporary pay-off that will spell doom once it gets out, and it will get out.


This is pretty simple and effective. When you are focused on engaging your audience. It is a win-win scenario for all. They get the attention they need from you as someone who has what they want. You get their loyalty and business because you took the time to make them feel special. Anyone can look at key topics and blog on trends. But your audience can only be heard if you are listening. Focus on your audience and your customers wants and needs every day.

#3 Plan for tomorrow every day

Yes we are going to talk about planning. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ― Benjamin Franklin” Go and have some inspiration for planning. It really is that important and as “The Big Cheese” you need to work more “on” your business than “in” your business. If you have not read “The E-Myth” yet go and do it now. Take time to look at what happened in your business that day and ask yourself; “What can I improve if anything?” and “Where am I going if anywhere?” It seems small but this list can grow your business profoundly.